The Greens

Australian Greens are at the forefront of an ongoing political crusade to colour rational, hardworking individuals as latent sociopaths because they legally own firearms and hunt as an avocation.

The Greens are masters at subverting the truth to meet their hoplophobic goals, always intent on justifying the means they deem necessary to achieve desired outcomes. The total abolition of legally owned firearms so that their version of nirvana may be achieved.

Typically Green Necks label Australians as racist and deride them for a lack of tolerance for minorities and the marginalised.

However, tolerance is incompatible with their unbridled contempt and disdain for firearm owners. Emboldened by hubris and paranoia they exploit every possibility to demonise and vilify firearm owners.

On one rare occurrence, a Greens rally was confronted by a cheeky senior citizen who committed the unpardonable sin of interjecting during a speech by Ms Cate Faerman. The lone protestor quickly became the target of a scurrilous assault on Sunday 1/7/2012, at Wahroonga Park and was witnessed by Ms Faerman, who did nothing to reprimand those at fault.


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