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The Game Management Council of New South Wales Inc. is a true hunting club peak body run by member club delegates and is recognised as a peak body by the NSW Firearms Registry.

The membership of our combined organisations would exceed 70,000 people.

GameCon’s primary objective is to support shooting sport and other traditional outdoor activities; consequently, we advocate on the behalf of 4WD and dog owners, pig dog hunters, fishers, and bow hunters.

GameCon meets quarterly in Sydney and welcomes interested parties to request an invitation to attend a regular meeting.

Something to think about

Hunters, before you jump on social media or any form of public place to defend hunting, take a breath and consider this. 80% of our population are undecided about hunting and don’t really understand the culture. They are not for hunting but they are not against hunting. Often polite fact backed conversation and explanation well articulated is all that is needed to swing their opinion in our favour. If they are not willing to listen or discuss and wish to believe the emotive misinformation from the media then it is not worth attempting to convince them as you will more than likely push them to a harder side against hunting.

Take responsibility for your culture and consider others that might not share your love of hunting before you post images of dead animals or go on about how many you killed.